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Surfing into PARP

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Thomas J. Lahey Elementary School students kicked off their PARP (Pick A Reading Partner) week on Jan. 20 with a tropical assembly. The school’s PARP theme titled “Ride the Reading Wave,” allowed students to take part in daily trivia challenges, raffles, prizes, themed days and reading contests throughout the week of Jan. 23-27.

This school-wide reading goal was to receive back 99% of the reading pledges created to encourage students to read and have families pledge to read over 100,000 minutes during the week of PARP.

Students had the option to choose a reading level as a goal for the week. These levels ranged from Mini Wave Reader, a pledge to read a minimum of 20 minutes a day; Maverick Wave Reader, a pledge to read a minimum of 30 minutes a day; and Monster Wave Reader, a pledge to read a minimum of 40 minutes a day.

During the kickoff assembly, PTA members and faculty members dressed in colorful beach attire and sang their own version of “Surfin’ USA,” titled “Ride the Reading Wave.” Students learned about what exciting things were to expect during the full week of PARP with the help of Assistant Principal Mary Williams.

“Our goal for PARP is we want you to read,” she said. “Whether you’re reading with a buddy, parent, grandma, neighbor or someone that you just want to pair up with.”

Classes received a basket of books from the PTA at the conclusion of the assembly to get a jump start into PARP where each student took home a book of their own.