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Sharing the Music

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Fourth-grade band members and their families at Thomas J. Lahey Elementary School had the unique opportunity to participate in the school’s annual Fourth Grade Parent Band Night on March 13. Family members learned about where their child started, how they have progressed and how far they will go with the right habits and mechanisms in place.

In preparation for the evening, students were encouraged to help teach their family members how to put their instrument together, hold it, make a basic sound and read notes and rhythms.

After practicing and rehearsing as a group, under the direction of Harborfields High School band students and music faculty, family members performed a concert for their children. They learned three book examples for the concert including “Rolling Along,” “Hot Cross Buns,” and “Go Tell Aunt Rhodie.”

“It gives families the opportunity to walk a mile in their child’s shoes by playing some melodies on their instrument in a brief performance made specifically for the band students and family,” said Music Department Coordinator Dan Bilawsky.