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Students Engage in Earth Day Fun

Students Engage in Earth Day Fun Photo thumbnail76631

Thomas J. Lahey Elementary School students learned about how to protect the environment in honor of Earth Day with a number of fun and engaging activities.

Third-graders in Noreen Paccione’s class focused on the importance of saving trees and participated in a hand-on activity of making paper out of recycled magazines and newspapers. With the help of family volunteers, the 23 students created their own paper out of the recycled material by using water and mixing the clipping in a blender. The class is planning on using the paper that they created to make Mother’s Day cards for their loved ones.

In addition, fifth-grade students in Alison Kraham and Amy Lustig’s classes received a visit from Robert Brown, a father of a student at the school and the owner of Brown Chevrolet. Brown brought the new Chevy Volt all-electric car to show the students in honor of Earth Day. Before the visit, the students researched the Volt on their Chromebooks and prepared questions to ask about the car. Students learned that the Volt has a range of over 200 miles on a single charge. They had the opportunity to sit in the car and also watch Kraham take the car for a ride around the parking lot.