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It’s Okay to be Different at Washington Drive

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Schools within our district hold fast to the nation-wide “No Place for Hate” initiative, and regularly implement in-school events and activities to remind students of this important idea. On March 27, Washington Drive Primary School held a “Character Counts” assembly, and virtually brought in students from Oldfield Middle School to speak about being different.

Sixth-graders from Mrs. Horowitz’s class prepared to speak to students in grades kindergarten through second about accepting differences and “being yourself” by telling stories, sharing original poems, and explaining how they differed from everyone else. Middle schoolers shared differences like being a vegetarian, having ADHD, or struggling with anxiety. In addition, they shared how they coped with having these differences.

Sixth-graders stressed to the younger students that no matter what, one should never be quick to judge others, and to always be kind–no matter how someone differs from the crowd. Assistant Principal Ms. Kathy McNally facilitated the event, and encouraged younger students to ask questions regarding the sixth grader’s personal experiences.

At the end of the assembly, Ms. McNally asked the middle schoolers for a piece of advice for the Washington Drive students.

“Try your hardest to always be kind, and to remember it’s okay to be different,” said one sixth grader.