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Festive Lessons at Washington Drive

Festive Lessons at Washington Drive photo thumbnail105154

During the week of Dec. 10, kindergartners at Washington Drive made gingerbread houses to conclude a week of gingerbread-themed lessons in celebration of the fast approaching holidays.

Some of the different gingerbread lessons included gingerbread I-Spy, counting different types of gingerbread men on a platter, creating a gingerbread man in disguise, and more.

On Dec. 13, family and loved ones visited their kindergartners to help them build gingerbread houses. Using frosting as glue, marshmallows for snow, and many other sweet treats as building materials, students built their houses around milk cartons with a holiday Yule Log crackling on the Smart Board in the background.

When finished, students were proud of their creations, and were excited to bring them home for the holidays.