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A Burst of Magic at Washington Drive

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American author and illustrator Patricia Polacco visited Washington Drive on March 15. Ms. Polacco is known for her award-winning books such as the Keeping Quilt, Thank You Mr. Falkner, and Chicken Sunday.

Ms. Polacco captivated the students with stories of her life and how they affected her writing, and even brought in elements of her books—like her family’s keeping quilt, and a piece of a “magical” meteor that landed on her family farm—for children to see. Along with inspirational stories from her life, she also shared some of her life’s hardship. Ms. Polacco strongly encouraged students to never let people discourage them from pursing their dreams.

“Real poverty is when you run out of ideas and run out of hope,” Ms. Polacco told them. “You’re never poor if you have those two things.”

At the end of each assembly, children had the opportunity to lay their hand on the meteor piece and make a wish as they exited. Some students bounced with excitement as they walked away, claiming to have truly felt a burst of magic.