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Harborfields Walks for a Wish

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The rain couldn’t dampen the spirits of those in attendance on April 13 for the 13th annual Walk for a Wish event on the track of Harborfields High School. Despite the less-than-ideal weather conditions, hundreds of people showed up to support Frank, who’s been battling a life-threatening illness and his dream is to go to Atlantis in the Bahamas.

Not only did the Harborfields community raise the appropriate amount to grant Frank’s wish, but the grand total has eclipsed $19,000, which will allow the event to grant another wish as well.

Third-grader Becky Pashman was one of many students who went the extra mile to help someone in need. She, along with her sister and parents, used a kit to make bracelets with inspirational words and messages on them. Then, along with friends who made cupcakes, they had a stand where the bracelets and tasty treats were sold. All in all, the effort raised $100.

“I wanted it to go to good use,” she said of the bracelets. “I thought this was a good way to raise money for Walk for a Wish.”

Sixth graders Lea Jaffe and Kasey Wrede coordinated a bake sale, which collected more than $700.

“It’s really important to raise this money for those who truly need it,” Jaffe said. “We were happy we could do our part to help.”

Fifth grader Erin Lindqvist had a lemonade and iced tea stand, and she was able to raise $180 as well.

“I’m happy he’s able to go where he wants to go,” she said. “It just makes me smile to know we did great!”

Alexis Alpert, who now works for Make-A-Wish of Suffolk County, had her wish granted in 2005, and she went to Disney World. She was in attendance to see all of the fantastic work that was done to raise money for such a great cause.

“It just shows how the support of such a wonderful community can bring such inspiration and such life. It’s making such a difference,” she said. “It’s people like those here today and everyone participating over the past few months that help us grant these wishes.”