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New teachers hit the books at Harborfields

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The Harborfields Central School District welcomed fourteen of its new teachers as part of the annual New Staff Orientation program at Oldfield Middle School on Aug. 27.

The new hires, who will be teaching across the District’s four buildings, attended the full day  program, where they met with the district’s administrators and learned the tools to be successful in and out of the classroom.  Focusing on the District’s vision to “Provide a World-Class Education to our Students, One Child at a Time,” the program was kicked off by the Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Franceso Ianni, who emphasized the values of the community  that contribute to the culture of excellence in each school. 
Maureen Raynor, executive director for human resources and instructional services, explained the district’s policies including the annual performance review process, while Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum Dr. Rory Manning provided a detailed overview of the district’s curriculum initiatives and instructional goals.

Dr. Manning also led a presentation on how to access the District’s vast technological resources including Google’s suite of educational tools  and the District’s  learning management accounts, the latter of which provides the new staff with training resources and support. 

The newly hired educators will have more opportunities to meet in person during monthly work sessions to address curriculum and instruction plans as they “work to join the ranks of the excellent educators at Harborfields,” Dr. Manning said.