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Harborfields students develop a “growth mindset”

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Seventh graders at Oldfield Middle School started the 2019-20 academic year off right as they worked collaboratively to solve challenges, designed to test their mindset. 

The school’s overarching theme for the year is “Growth Mindset” — a concept that a person’s abilities can be developed through practice hard work, dedication and motivation. 

Middle School English Teacher MaryLynn Karpenske explained that students with a growth mindset are more likely to learn from their mistakes, be motivated to succeed and take challenges head on.

On Sept. 9, students were split between five different stations, which challenged them to create structures using uncooked spaghetti and mini marshmallows, or build a tower of plastic cups while only using a rubber band and string.

“Instead of saying ‘I can’t do something,’ we want you to say ‘I can’t do it yet,’” Ms. Karpenske said. 

Additionally, students learned more about their teachers and classmates while building crucial social skills.  

“Today is all about coming together as a family,” Ms. Karpenske said. “On the first day, you became part of the Harborfields family.”