PARP kicks off at TJL

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Students at Thomas J. Lahey Elementary School have been challenged to read at least 20 minutes every day from Feb. 10 through Feb. 14 as part of the school’s Pick a Reading Partner, or PARP, initiative.

To get students excited about reading, several of the school’s teachers, including Principal Victoria Williams and Assistant Principal Andrea Horowitz, performed a brief play, during which they took the students through a tour of history. Students visited the Stone Age, Ancient Egypt, Early America, modern times and projected what life might be like in the future as part of the week’s theme: reading through history.

The goal is to have students complete a combined total of 100,000 minutes of reading over the course of the week. The top three readers from each grade will receive a medal and a T-shirt from the Parent Teachers Association and the school’s top reader will receive a prize basket.

However, if the students reach their goal, the entire school will enjoy challenging Principal Williams to complete a silly task. Students can submit ideas for the principal’s challenge throughout the week as they participate in fun activities designed to inspire them to read. “Every one of you can reach for the stars if you try hard enough,” Ms. Williams said.