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TJL Writing Lab

Academic Intervention Services for Writing

Academic Intervention Services for writing refers to additional instruction provided to those students either who have not met or who are at risk of not meeting New York State Common Core Standards in the area of writing.  The AIS Writing Lab at Thomas J. Lahey is designed to provide the strategies and skills students need to be successful in meeting State Standards and to strengthen their areas of weakness.  

Writing Lab classes take place in a less formal setting and have a low student to teacher ratio.  Students are grouped based upon their current skill level in writing.  The atmosphere is one in which students can feel comfortable asking questions and taking risks.  Students are taught literacy strategies as demonstrated through oral and written expression.  Students’ progress is monitored continually through ongoing assessments and communication between the AIS Specialist and Classroom Teacher is ongoing.

While the goal of AIS Writing Lab is to help students meet the NY State Common Core Standards, it is our mission to assist the students in becoming confident, independent writers while promoting a love of reading and writing as well.