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TJL Fifth Graders Host Costumed “Wax Museum”

TJL Fifth Graders Host Costumed “Wax Museum” thumbnail223235

Fifth graders at Thomas J. Lahey Elementary School hosted a “Wax Museum” of important historical people on June 15 in the school’s new multipurpose room, with parents and community members invited to attend and ask questions.

As the culminating project of their biography studies, the students were asked to choose a person that they admire or have an interest in. They then had to read a chapter book, write an essay, create an oral presentation and then dress up in costume as their selected person.

Date Added: 6/30/2022

Harborfields Class of 2022 Embraces Change at Graduation

Harborfields Class of 2022 Embraces Change at Graduation thumbnail223202
Harborfields Class of 2022 Embraces Change at Graduation thumbnail223203
Harborfields Class of 2022 Embraces Change at Graduation thumbnail223204

As the proud seniors of the Harborfields High School Class of 2022 walked out on to the football field on the morning of June 25 for the school’s 63rd commencement ceremony, the warm summer sunshine perfectly matched the warmth in their hearts.

Following the Pledge of Allegiance and “The Star-Spangled Banner,” the choir saluted the school with the singing of the Harborfields alma mater.

Superintendent Dr. Rory Manning began by recognizing outgoing Principal Timothy Russo for his dedicated 20 years of service. “Harborfields High School is in a better place because of your leadership,” he said, before presenting Russo with his own honorary diploma.

Turning his attention to the seniors, Dr. Manning gifted them with his personal list of “five little things for success” for the new graduates to do daily: “Take care of yourself, be on time, make your bed, be kind and hug your family. If you remember those five little things, you’ll be happier and more successful. You have the Dr. Manning guarantee on that.” 

In his address, salutatorian Christopher Qi quoted President John F. Kennedy, telling his fellow seniors, “Embrace any obstacles you encounter head-on and welcome opportunities to fly outside your comfort zone. There’s far more in our lives to discover.”

Class President Anna Gosselin nostalgically reflected on the seniors’ experiences throughout their years together in Harborfields, leaving them with a quote sent to her by her grandmother: “Remember yesterday with pride, live today with enthusiasm and look to tomorrow with confidence.”

In an unconventional but entertaining speech, valedictorian Jacob Siegel discussed the “organized chaos” of his infamous backpack before relaying wisdom gained by observing his family’s new puppy. “The best advice, in my opinion, is that given to us by our dogs,” Siegel said. “They have no bias and they never try to trick or mislead us. I implore every one of the graduates of the Class of 2022 to listen to my dog, and try to do things you enjoy for the sake of doing them, not for a reward and surely not to please others.”

The day’s featured speaker, as chosen by the students, was English teacher Casey Sturm. Focusing on concepts of time, he told the seniors, “Don’t lose sight of what you’re capable of. Don’t limit your future because of your perception of the past. In the words of the great Ferris Bueller, ‘Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop to look around once in a while, you could miss it.’”

In an emotional final address to the students he nurtured for four years, Russo lauded them for embracing change and taking risks. “Throughout the years, your enthusiasm, kindness and respect for Harborfields has led us through some really challenging times, and I thank you for simply being the young men and women that you are,” he said.

After members of the Harborfields Board of Education presented the green-and-white-clad seniors with their diplomas, the new graduates turned their tassels and threw their caps skyward, ready to move on to new chapters in their lives.

Date Added: 6/28/2022

TJL Celebrates 50 Years!

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Thomas J. Lahey Elementary School celebrated its 50th anniversary on June 10. Each class designated four students to participate in the ceremony, two to assist in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, and two students to place their class items in a time capsule. Rousing music was provided by TJL’s fourth- and fifth-grade band students.

In addition to district and school administrators, several special guests were in attendance, including Stu Bentsen, one of the school’s first principals. Bentsen worked as an administrator in the district when TJL opened, and became the building’s principal a few years later. Also joining in the celebration was Oldfield Middle School teacher Jeffrey Shade, a Harborfields alumnus and former student at TJL.

“TJL turned 50 years old and in planning this event, I was able to learn a little bit about Thomas J. Lahey, who our school was named after,” Principal Mary Williams said. “Mr. Lahey, who was a longtime educator, even before he came to Harborfields, served as principal of Greenlawn Public Schools.”

Date Added: 6/24/2022

A Warm Welcome at TJL for Harborfields High School’s Senior Walkers

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Sporting their graduation caps and gowns, Harborfields High School’s Class of 2022 assembled for the annual senior walk on June 10. The soon-to-be-graduates strolled down to their former building, the nearby Thomas J. Lahey Elementary School, where they were welcomed by cheering grade schoolers.  

Date Added: 6/23/2022

Oldfield Middle School Celebrates “All-Star” Students

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Oldfield Middle School held its annual All-Star Awards Breakfast on June 7, with teachers, administrators and proud parents coming together to honor students that have shown growth, great character and positive role model traits. 

Each Oldfield teacher has the opportunity to nominate one student for the All-Star Awards, which are designed for those students who may not be eligible for more traditional awards. Nominees typically have made small strides throughout the year, achieved personal goals, earned the “little victories” or overcome hardships to meet with their own level of success from an academic, social, emotional or behavioral standpoint.

“We are celebrating those students who often ‘fly under the radar’ and may not always get the recognition they deserve,” eighth grade guidance counselor Dahlia Roemer said. “With this award, we want to remind students that character does count.”

Date Added: 6/16/2022