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Students Decode Secret Valentine’s Day Messages At TJL

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On Feb. 12, third grade LEAP students at Thomas J. Lahey Elementary School participated in a Valentine's Day escape room activity.

Students worked in small groups—lead by Mrs. Bacchi, Mrs. Bowles, Ms. Brooks, Mrs. Horowitz, Mrs. Nardelli and Mrs. Mayr—to complete a series of tasks in hopes of helping “LEAPfrog” find his favorite place. The tasks included matching “I love You” messages written in different languages to their correct countries, figuring out facts about the heart, decoding a secret cipher message and solving a money logic grid. 

After each box was unlocked, students received their next task, along with puzzle pieces. At the conclusion, after putting their puzzles together, a secret message was illuminated to send everyone to LEAPfrog's favorite place to explore: the library.