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Harborfields High School Students ‘Make Hustle Happen’

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The Harborfields Central School District is pleased to recognize Harborfields High School students, Griffin Deegan, Julia Panzavecchia and Katelyn Prainito as winners of Microsoft Corporation’s “Make Hustle Happen” program in November.

Through the program, students enrolled in Harborfields’ Business and Entrepreneurship Academy learned how to start their own business or champion a cause. Using successful NFL players’ stories as inspiration, students created clear and executable action plans for a business idea or social issue of their choosing. In November, those action plans were judged by Microsoft, which recognized the following student action plans: 

Griffin Deegan - Golf Ball Restoration 
Julia Panzavecchia - Dementia Foundation
Katelyn Prainito - Sustainable Clothing Company.

Students enrolled in Harborfields’ Business and Entrepreneurship Academy earn a Career and Technical Education, or CTE, diploma endorsement and complete a national entrepreneurship exam upon high school graduation.