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Learning And Activities At Thomas J. Lahey

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Students at Thomas J. Lahey Elementary School have adjusted well to new classroom settings since the reopening of school buildings in September. Students are actively engaged in lessons and have spent quality time safely interacting with their classmates and teachers. 

On Feb. 24, third graders in Diane Brown’s class worked on their mathematics and writing skills. Students practiced reciting their times tables and enjoyed writing haikus.

In celebration of Black History Month, Noreen Paccione’s third grade class wrote about how they are inspired by others around them. Many students wrote about their siblings and parents, thanking them for helping them to “make new friends” and “finish their homework.”

Down the hall, fourth grade students in Jane Dayton’s class practiced constructing proper sentences and discussed overusing pronouns while writing about “James and the Giant Peach.”

While Ms. Dayton’s class worked on improving their writing skills, fourth graders in Jason Mercurio’s and Michael Flaccomio’s integrated classroom solved mathematical equations using their Chromebooks. Students “fed fractions” to a monster using Prek-6 educational program ABCya!

Fifth graders in Amy Lustig’s class got a crash course in American history as they learned about the French and Indian War and American Revolution.