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‘No Hate Tour’ Goes Live At Harborfields HS

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On Feb. 26, Harborfields High School students heard first-hand accounts of bullying from top celebrities like pop singer Ally Brooke and skateboarding legend Tony Hawk.

As part of a virtual assembly, hosted by No Place for Hate Tour host Dan Sieg, students learned the importance of acceptance, inclusion and how to be an ally to their classmates. 

A-list celebrities, including, Magic Johnson and NFL cornerback Richard Sherman of the 49ers, spoke about how bullying can not only lead to psychological affects, such as diminished self-worth, but can also manifest itself through physical ailments in the form of headaches and stomachaches. 

The biggest takeaway from the assembly was that “words matter.” Now, especially amidst the global pandemic, Sieg stressed the need for kindness and acceptance. “Now more than ever we need to be kind to each other,” he said. 

Students also learned to accept themselves, embrace their differences and maintain a positive outlook. 

“Be comfortable in your own skin, surround yourself with the right people and don’t try to fit into a round hole,” Sherman said. “If you’re different, embrace your differences. Stand out. Be special. Be who you are.”