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Harborfields HS Junior Enters LISEF Competition

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For the first time in several years, Harborfields High School has entered a student into the Long Island Science and Engineering Fair. Using his knowledge of robotics, chemistry and electronics, junior Guantian “Terry” Tao examined the effectiveness of isolated gas expansion based artificial muscles. 

Science Research teacher and robotics coach Michael Pinto described Terry as a “great student,” commending him on his development of soft actuators, used by the high school’s robotics team to grip objects in a gentler and more controlled manner. 

Terry has been an active member of the high school robotics club since freshman year and has since designed a 3D printer from scratch, which he used to build several gears for this year’s robot.

Terry is currently awaiting results from the Long Island Science and Engineering Fair judges. Looking ahead, Terry plans to continue his passion for robotics after graduation with a major in mechanical engineering or material science.