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Ancient Greek Olympic Games At OMS

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Sixth graders in Taylor Soete’s class at Oldfield Middle School spent the day on March 17 building game props, including a javelin and discus, to be used to compete in the Ancient Greek Olympic Games on March 18. 

As part of a STEAM activity, students were challenged to create these props using materials, including newspaper, paper plates, aluminum foil, plastic straws and more.

The discus throw, as an event, is thought to have been part of the Olympic games since they debuted in 776 B.C. Originally, made from stone, bronze, lead or iron, competitors would design the discus to reach the furthest distance.

Javelin throwing was one of the pentathlon events in the games, played for the first time in 708 B.C. Students designed their props so that when launched, it would travel the furthest distance.