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A Multitude of Achievements At WDP

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Students at Washington Drive Primary School were recently recognized for their outstanding academic achievements, upstanding character and dedication to safety.

The Triple C Award program, sponsored by New York State Attorney General Letitia James, recognizes the courage, character and commitment of New York State’s outstanding students. The students who received this award were Andrew Leemon, Felix Hamilton, Giada Hanlon, Carter Lockhart, James Sprague and Quinn Chatterton.

Additionally, three students were recognized for their phenomenal handwriting in the Zaner-Bloser National Handwriting Contest. Around 250,000 students participate in the contest annually and entries are judged on spacing, size, shape and slant. As a preliminary to the national contest, participating schools hold their own handwriting contests, choosing a winner from each grade to advance to the state-level competition. Three WDP students were recognized as school grade level winners and they are John Tuosto, Trevor DeNisco and Jillian Bemiss.

Lastly, six students were selected as Bus Safety Superstars! This award is presented to students who keep themselves and others safe while riding the bus. Congratulations to Luke Viglietta, Aleksander Davoll, Victoria D'Angelo, Stephen Aguilar, Valentina Gras and Oliver Fisherman for being safety superstars!

Washington Drive Primary School is very proud of all of these students and congratulates them all on their well-deserved recognitions.