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Harborfields History Classes Welcome Marine Bill Ober

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Harborfields History Classes Welcome Marine Bill Ober thumbnail245297

Patricia Taylor’s U.S. history classes at Harborfields High School had the pleasure of welcoming Marine Bill Ober on April 13 to discuss his experiences during the Cold War.

Ober served during the Cuban Missile Crisis and shared images that he captured in Cuba firsthand. He also served in the Marine Corps Band and played taps at Pres. John F. Kennedy’s funeral. Ober then embarked on a 35-year career as a social studies teacher at Locust Valley High School. In his retirement, he has assumed leadership roles within the Marine Corps League and serves as chairman of the Veterans Advisory Board for the Town of Huntington.

Harborfields’ Chapter of Rho Kappa and Tornado News Team were also instrumental in recording an interview with Ober to help preserve and appreciate the primary resources that we have in our community.

Date Added: 4/21/2023