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Oldfield Middle School Staff Directory

District Office
Harborfields High School
Oldfield Middle School
Thomas J. Lahey Elem. School
Washington Dr. Primary School

Maribeth Corr  [email protected] Principal 
Robert Hendrick [email protected]   Assistant Principal 
Jennifer Ahrens [email protected] 
Mathematics Teacher 
Gina Aline [email protected]  World Language Teacher 
Kristen Aliperti [email protected] Math Teacher
Gregory Antonelli  [email protected]   Music Teacher
Deana Atherton  [email protected]  ENL Teacher 
Victoria Attard [email protected]
Elementary Teacher
Jennifer Azzarone [email protected] 
Mathematics Teacher 
Kelli Benchimol [email protected] 
Elementary Teacher 
Daniel Bilawsky [email protected] 
Music Teacher 
Julia Bjorling [email protected]  Reading Teacher
Jacqueline Black [email protected] 
Math Teacher 
Judy Boshnack  [email protected]  Library Media Specialist
Angela Bouchard [email protected] Clerical - Attendance
Kerrie Brierton [email protected]
English Teacher
Mikayla Buckley [email protected] Clerical -Business Office
Phyllis Burke  [email protected]  World Language Teacher
Sandra Buscemi [email protected] 
Special Education Teacher 
Craig Butler  [email protected]
World Language Teacher
Michael Camera  [email protected] Science Teacher
Lisa Carpenter [email protected] 
Reading Teacher 
Colleen Cava [email protected]  Permanent Substitute - School Counselor
Kristen Cleary [email protected]  Special Education Teacher 
Shari Collins  [email protected]   Special Education Teacher 
Michael Cordes [email protected]  Head Custodian
Marlene Costanza [email protected] ENL Teacher 
Susan Cove [email protected]
Teaching Assistant 
Alexandra Daleo [email protected] Physical Education Teacher
Michelle DaSilva [email protected] Social Studies Teacher
Dafina Davis [email protected] 
Special Education Teacher 
Jennifer Davis [email protected]
Clerical - Principal's Office
Soria Davis [email protected]  Clerical - Duplicating Office
Linda DeFeo  [email protected]  Clerical - Pupil Personnel Services 
Craig Degnan [email protected] 
PE Teacher 
Christine DePaolis  [email protected]  Nurse 
Melissa Dowd   [email protected]   Elementary Teacher 
Jacqueline Dwyer  [email protected] Paraprofessional
Nicole Ercolano  [email protected]
Special Education Teacher
Mary Fagan [email protected]  Guidance Counselor 
Jill Ferro [email protected]   Clerical - Music & Art 
Karen Fisher [email protected]
Science Teacher 
Natalie Fulgieri  [email protected]  Teaching Assistant 
Margaret Gadamowitz [email protected]
Teaching Assistant
Michael Gargiulo [email protected]  Technology Teacher
Jennifer Garside [email protected] 
Mathematics Teacher 
Latisa Graham
[email protected]
Director of School Counseling
Gary Greenblatt  [email protected]  Teaching Assistant
JoAnne Gribbin  [email protected]  Clerical - Nurse's Office
Mary Ann Gunn [email protected]
Teaching Assistant
Sheryl Hafers [email protected] 
Social Worker 
Amanda Hammerschmitt  [email protected]  ENL Teacher
Christopher Havranek [email protected] 
Social Studies Teacher 
Michael J Hopkins [email protected] 
Science Teacher 
David Hsiao [email protected] 
Science Teacher 
Katherine Hudson [email protected] 
Special Education Teacher 
Laura Hurney [email protected]
English Teacher
Ivory Jimenez  [email protected]  Teaching Assistant 
Kegan Johnston  [email protected]  Teaching Assistant 
Susan Karagjozi [email protected] 
Physical Education Teacher 
MaryLynn Karpenske [email protected] 
English Teacher 
Kerin Kelsch [email protected] 
Reading Teacher 
Jennifer Klein [email protected] 
Elementary Teacher 
Courtney Kopf [email protected]  Permanent Substitute Teacher 
Kevin Krzeminski [email protected] 
Teaching Assistant
Sharon LoBello [email protected] 
Teaching Assistant 
Drew Lockwood [email protected] 
Art Teacher 
Jessica Lowenhar [email protected] 
Music Teacher 
Kelly MacKay  [email protected]  Teaching Assistant 
Jennifer McCaffrey [email protected] 
Guidance Counselor 
Dejana McCalla  [email protected]  Teaching Assistant 
Krista McDonald [email protected] Clerical - Pupil Personnel Services
Theresa McGrane  [email protected]  Clerical-Guidance 
Casey McGrath  [email protected]
Special Education Teacher
Christine Miller  [email protected]   Social Studies Teacher 
Jennifer Minogue  [email protected]  School Psychologist 
Andrew Morenberg [email protected] 
Elementary Teacher 
Christopher J Murphy [email protected] 
Science Teacher 
Elizabeth Neiland  [email protected]  Teaching Assistant 
Kacey O'Brien  o'[email protected]   World Language Teacher 
Louise Occhipinti [email protected] 
Teaching Assistant 
Rosemarie Poli  [email protected]  Clerical - Main Office
Brittany Rae  [email protected]
Science Teacher
Elizabeth Rendon [email protected] Paraprofessional
Nicholas Rinaldi  [email protected]
Music Teacher 
Jill Rochanakit  [email protected]   Elementary Teacher 
Dahlia Roemer [email protected] 
Guidance Counselor 
Alissa  Rosenberg [email protected] 
Speech Teacher 
Alicia Roy [email protected]  Special Education Teacher
Christy Roxo [email protected] 
FACS Teacher
Gia Russo [email protected] 
Special Education Teacher 
Jennifer Saidens [email protected] 
Elementary Teacher 
Elana Samartino  [email protected]  Special Education Teacher 
Heather Sansanelli  [email protected]  Clerical-PPS Office 
Anne Schaefer [email protected] 
Kathryn Scott [email protected] 
Social Studies Teacher 
Jennifer Scott [email protected] 
English Teacher 
Maria-Christina Skevofilax  [email protected]  Clerical-Pupil Personnel Services 
Jeffrey Shade [email protected] 
Social Studies Teacher/Dean 
Pamela Shoemaker [email protected] 
Clerical - Assistant Principal's Office
Amna Siddiqi [email protected]  Permanent Substitute Teacher
Michael Sims [email protected] 
PE Teacher 
Rosalia  Sinatra [email protected] 
World Language Teacher 
Taylor Soete  [email protected]
Elementary Teacher 
Susan Spateri [email protected] 
Mathematics Teacher 
Alexandra Stark [email protected] Elementary Teacher
Kim Stebbins [email protected]
Speech Teacher
Erica Swenson  [email protected]    Special Education Teacher 
Carlos Taveras     [email protected]   Art Teacher 
Kathleen Taylor  [email protected]  PE Teacher 
James Temps  [email protected]   Technology Teacher 
Susan Temps  [email protected]  Permanent Substitute Teacher
Pauline Tully [email protected]
Clerical - Guidance
Derek Warshauer [email protected]  Permanent Substitute Teacher
Jessica Volpe  [email protected]
Special Education Teacher
Hannah Wiscovitch [email protected]  Permanent Substitute Teacher
Jill Wolfson  [email protected]  Teaching Assistant 
Sarah Zagaja  [email protected]  Teaching Assistant 
Elizabeth Zakzrewski [email protected] Paraprofessional
Monica Zenyuh [email protected]
Elementary Teacher