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OMS Academic Support

1- Extra Help: All teachers offer extra help either in the morning, during lunch or after school. Students must ask teachers for an appointment to receive a pass. For details on when extra help is offered, students may ask subject specific teachers or you can contact the teachers by email.

2- Google Accounts and Parent Portal: Students can access their Google Drive Accounts to view current information on homework and related notes depending on the assignment. The Parent Portal allows parents and students to access their information: current grades for assignments, tests and quizzes, some homework assignments, attendance information, progress reports and report cards on line. Parents are required to show ID in order to obtain a code for portal access. Sign up for the Parent Portal in the Guidance Office any school day from 7:45 – 3pm.

3- Progress Reports: For a weekly update of student progress, students may be assigned a weekly progress report. In this case, each Friday, the student is responsible for asking their teachers to fill out the sheet and then bring completed report home for parent review. Please consult the Parent Portal as a first step which allows parents access to student test/quiz grades throughout the quarter. Contact the grade level Counselor to set up.

4- Harborfields Public Library & After School Homework Help:

Study Buddies @ the Library

For students in grades 3-8. Mondays and Thursdays 4:00-6:00 pm- staffed by High School students who can assist with homework. Sign up to make an appointment for a half hour time slot in advance by calling the Young Adult Desk at 631-757-4200 X121
LIVE-brary--Library card access: Suffolk Homework Help –
A must have for kids! 7 days a week from 2pm to 11pm, homework help for ages K-12

5- High School Peer Tutor: If students are handing in all required work and putting forth effort yet still struggling, a Peer Tutor may be assigned to meet with them. To request a National Honor Society peer tutor use the link on the Harborfields High School website or click “Request a Tutor” here. Complete the form and submit.