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School Counseling Program

Greg Wasserman

Director of School Counseling

98 Taylor Avenue

Greenlawn, NY 11740

Phone: (631) 754-5360 ext. 5405


General Information

The Harborfields School Counseling Department assists students and their parents in developing a personal educational plan and selecting the courses and programs they need to fulfill their graduation and college entrance requirements, enter the military or seek immediate full-time employment. Counselors are trained to work with students in developing a plan to meet their individual goals. A dedicated staff of professionals is available throughout the day to provide counsel and support, advocate on behalf of students and arrange for specialized assistance to deal with a variety of personal situations and circumstances.

Guidance Department Central Goal:  The goal of the Harborfields Central School District Guidance K-12 Program is to assist in the development of the whole student in mind, heart, soul and body to make for a successful future beyond their educational experience in our district.

School Counseling

The Harborfields District Guidance personnel fully support our district Vision Statement and Guiding Principles. To do so, the Guidance Department seeks to:

  1. Ensure school success for all students as the outcome of all counseling efforts;
  2. Provide timely and effective communication with students, parents and teachers on all matters pertaining to its responsibility;
  3. Continuously educate constituents as to the expectations of the Harborfields experience including graduation requirements, assessment standards and various opportunities created by valuable and thorough academic programming;
  4. Provide and support career and college education awareness and planning at all levels;
  5. Coordinate counseling, consulting and related service efforts of all support components within the school district.

Goals for the Harborfields Central School District Counseling Program

  1. Increase communication with parents.
  2. Promote clear understanding of school environment.
  3. Develop knowledge and understanding of educational requirements.
  4. Promote school success skills.
  5. Advance career/education awareness and planning.
  6. Provide support for social/personal development
  7. Increase and promote community involvement.
  8. Collaborate and coordinate services.
  9. Support consultation services.
  10. Provide counseling services.


HHS Guidance Website

631-754-5360 ext. 5405

Jaclyn Best

Kierstin Bloom

Kelsey DeBatto

Sade Ortiz-Lucin

Lynnsey Gaska

OMS Guidance Website

631-754-5310 ext. 4340

Mary Fagan

Jennifer McCaffrey

Dahlia Roemer


Comprehensive Developmental School Counseling Plan