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A Night of Exploring Musical Instruments in Harborfields

A Night of Exploring Musical Instruments in Harborfields   thumbnail240445

On the evening of Jan. 9, second graders from Washington Drive Primary School in the Harborfields Central School District had an opportunity to learn about the various instrumental options that await them in Harborfields’s band and orchestra programs.

Following a brief introduction from K-12 Music Department Coordinator Dan Bilawsky, the students and their parents took a tour through their choices. Tri-M Music Honor Society members from Harborfields High School, under the direction of Tri-M adviser Allison Scilla, demonstrated what makes each instrument unique and allowed students to explore to the fullest. Washington Drive music teacher Laura Pomerantz and Thomas J. Lahey Elementary School instrumental music teachers Cathy Ferraro and Courtney Kassinger were on hand to share information, and the evening ended with an informative question-and-answer session.

“As our second grade students begin to think about what instrument they might want to play, it’s vital that they receive a comprehensive overview of their choices and get to see and hear everything up close,” Bilawsky said. “This program, coupled with the education they receive in their music classes and opportunities to attend any of our many concert performances in the district throughout the year, is essential in that process. We were so pleased to see so many enthusiastic students and their parents at this wonderful event, and we look forward to welcoming them into our instrumental music programs.”

Date Added: 1/25/2023