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Harborfields High School’s Week of Kindness for P.S. I Love You

Harborfields High School’s Week of Kindness for P.S. I Love You thumbnail242793

Harborfields High School promoted kindness over an entire week, culminating with students and staff wearing purple for P.S. I Love You Day on Feb. 10.

On “Love All Your Chapters” Monday, students posted kind notes to others outside the cafeteria during lunch periods. A large outline of a book was created on the wall between the main office and cafeteria. Students from the National Honor Society manned a table outside the cafeteria, providing paper hearts for students to complete with kind notes, which were then posted on the book outline.

For “My Chapters: Vision Board” Tuesday, they created and submitted vision boards that were shared on the P.S. I Love You Google Classroom page. These vision boards featured four slides to complete – the first on their early years, the second on where they are now, the third on their future and the fourth slide on how they grown and where they plan to be – and could include pictures, quotes, song lyrics or poetry.

On “Next Chapter” Wednesday, the students participated in a scavenger hunt with 12 tasks to complete.

For “Thank You for Being a Part of My Chapter Note” Thursday, students were given the opportunity to write a gratitude or thank you note to someone who has shown an act of kindness while at Harborfields High School.

Date Added: 2/28/2023