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The Sounds of String Day

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On April 27, the sounds of strings filled the halls at Thomas J. Lahey Elementary School. Members of the third- and fourth-grade orchestras, along with Harborfields High School orchestra students, joined the fifth-grade orchestra, under the direction of Nick Rinaldi, for their final rehearsal before their concert. This annual String Day, coordinated by Rinaldi and facilitated with the assistance of orchestra teachers Greg Antonelli and Cathy Ferraro, was a wonderfully collaborative event that found students of all ages playing scales and folk songs together.  In addition, the fifth graders performed a few of their concert pieces with the older students joining in, and high schoolers Lexi Ebanks and Chris Hummel played solo selections, leaving younger musicians mesmerized.

Following the rehearsal, the fifth-grade orchestra broke off into sectional rehearsals led by the high school students.

“This event strives to bring together students from all grades to share in their common interest of playing a string instrument,” Rinaldi said. “At the same time, it gives our younger string students a view of where playing their instrument can take them through their time in Harborfields.”

Date Added: 5/11/2023