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High School Staff Directory

District Office
Harborfields High School
Oldfield Middle School
Thomas J. Lahey Elem. School
Washington Dr. Primary School

Dr. Marie Netto  [email protected] Principal 
Allison Joyce  [email protected]  Assistant Principal 
Brian Suckle [email protected]  Assistant Principal
Kristen Akbar [email protected]  Mathematics Teacher 
Jennifer Ambrosio [email protected]  Special Education Teacher 
Vincent Ambrosio [email protected]  English Teacher 
Marybeth Anderson  [email protected]  Clerical - Nurse's Office 
Gregory Antonelli  [email protected] Music Teacher
Benjamin Aronow [email protected]  Permanent Substitute Teacher
Deana Atherton  [email protected]   ENL Teacher 
Clara Baltrusitis [email protected]  Mathematics Teacher 
Denise Barattini [email protected] Mathematics Teacher
Daniel Barrett [email protected]  Science Teacher 
Tara Beal  [email protected]  Business Teacher 
David Bender [email protected]  Science Teacher 
Benjamin Bertuch  [email protected]   Special Education Teacher 
Jaclyn Best  [email protected]   Guidance Counselor 
Allison Bilawsky [email protected]  Music Teacher 
Ellen Blair  [email protected]  Teaching Assistant 
Kierstin Bloom [email protected]  School Counselor
Joann Boccard  [email protected]  Clerical - PE Health & Athletics  
Kailey Broderick [email protected]  Permanent Substitute Teacher 
Melissa Cameron  [email protected]    Teaching Assistant 
Michelle Carnaxide [email protected]  Special Education Teacher 
Christine Casalino [email protected]  Paraprofessional
Michael Castiglia [email protected]  Permanent Substitute Teacher
Anna Cervini [email protected] ENL Teacher
Vincent Companion  [email protected] Physical Education Teacher
Damianos Contopoulos [email protected]  Science Teacher 
Pamela Cornell [email protected] Special Education Teacher
Theresa Damm [email protected]  Clerical - Library 
Nicholas D'Anna [email protected]  Science Teacher 
Lauren D'Annunzio  [email protected]  Guidance Counselor 
Michelle DaSilva [email protected]  Social Studies Teacher 
June Damadeo
[email protected]
World Language Teacher
Elizabeth Devaney [email protected]  Art Teacher 
Danielle Donohue  [email protected]  Special Education Teacher 
Matthew Egger  [email protected]  Teaching Assistant 
Laura Fay-Steel  [email protected]  Paraprofessional  
Brian Flynn [email protected]  English Teacher 
Nicole Freeman  [email protected]   Mathematics Teacher 
Laura Gargaro [email protected]  Clerical - Attendance 
Lynnsey Gaska  [email protected]   Guidance Counselor 
Julie Gaughan [email protected]  Teaching Assistant
Kristen Gavin [email protected]  English Teacher 
Debra Gerhardt [email protected]  Paraprofessional
Brian Given [email protected]  Special Education Teacher 
Latisa Graham
[email protected]
Director of School Counseling
Daniel  Greening [email protected]  Social Studies Teacher 
Kristin Greening [email protected] Social Studies Teacher
Anna Maria Groe [email protected]   World Language Teacher 
Kristen Guercio [email protected]  Math Teacher
Rachel Hallaran [email protected]  Health/Student Liaison
Jennifer Harmon [email protected] Mathematics Teacher
Brian Harris [email protected]  School Psychologist 
Lisa Hering [email protected]  Nurse
Marissa Hillebrand [email protected]  Special Education Teacher 
Charlene Hoffman [email protected]  Mathematics Teacher 
Christopher Kahler [email protected]  Social Studies Teacher 
Patricia Kalvar [email protected]  Science Teacher 
Harman Kaur  [email protected] Business Teacher
Michael Khan [email protected]  Science Teacher 
Susan Koenig [email protected]  School Social Worker 
Chrysanthi Korsanos [email protected] Teaching Assistant 
George Kouroutis [email protected]  Social Studies Teacher 
Jessica  LaMantia [email protected]  English Teacher 
Laura Lambros [email protected]   Teaching Assistant 
Rhonda Lebit  [email protected]  Special Education Teacher 
Patricio Lopez [email protected]  World Language Teacher 
Francesca Loscialpo [email protected]  World Language Teacher 
Charles Lubliner  [email protected]  Special Education Teacher 
Nicole Maffia [email protected] Mathematics Teacher
Chiara Maimone [email protected]  Special Education Teacher
Penelope Makris [email protected] Teaching Assistant 
Donna Marotta [email protected]  Special Education Teacher
Elizabeth Martin
[email protected]
Clerical - Psychology 
Cheryl Manniello [email protected]  Permanent Substitute Teacher
Alison Matthews [email protected] Business Teacher
Stefania Mattio [email protected]  World Language Teacher 
Magda Mazur [email protected]   Teaching Assistant
Christine McCloskey [email protected]  Clerical-HHS Guidance  
Robert McCoy [email protected] English Teacher
Barbara McCullagh [email protected]  English Teacher 
Kerri McGinty [email protected]  Dean/English TeacherDean 
Justin McGowan [email protected]  Social Studies Teacher
Keith McInnes [email protected]  Science Teacher 
Catherine Meehan [email protected]  English Teacher 
Lisa Michalek [email protected]  Clerical - Assistant Principal's Office 
Lauren Miles [email protected]  Permanent Substitute Teacher
Anthony Montanino  [email protected]  Teaching Assistant 
Christopher Moore  [email protected]  Social Studies Teacher
Jessica Norton
n[email protected]  Special Education Teacher
Sharon O'Halloran o'[email protected]  Clerical - Assistant Principal's Office
Jennifer Paranandi [email protected]  Clerical - Buildings & Grounds
Laura Pfaff  [email protected]   Social Studies Teacher
Daniel Pinto  [email protected]   School Psychologist 
Michael Pinto  [email protected]   Science Teacher 
Michael Potter  [email protected]   Dean/Physical Education Teacher 
Kristen Presti [email protected]  Special Education Teacher 
Georgia Psilakis  [email protected]   Clerical - Main Office
Catherine Purcell [email protected]   Mathematics Teacher 
Andrew Read [email protected]  Permanent Substitute Teacher
Eileen Rehm  [email protected]  Teaching Assistant 
Laura Riekert  [email protected] Art Teacher 
Eugenia Ritter  [email protected]   Art Teacher 
Kathleen Robinson [email protected]   Teaching Assistant
Annemarie Romeo  [email protected]   World Language Teacher 
Jule Rosen [email protected]   Science Teacher 
Alissa Rosenberg  [email protected]   Speech Teacher 
Francis Rossi  [email protected]   Science Teacher 
Eileen Rottkamp  [email protected]   Art Teacher 
Sylvia Sales  [email protected]   Guidance Counselor 
Suzanne Scheer-Legge  [email protected]   Physical Education Teacher 
Patricia Schoonmaker  [email protected]   Special Education Teacher
Stefan Serie  [email protected]   Physical Education Teacher 
Karen Short  [email protected]  Teaching Assistant 
William Siele [email protected]   Chief Custodian 
Pamela Signorelli [email protected]  Teaching Assistant
Donald Smith   [email protected]   Mathematics Teacher 
Meaghan Smith  [email protected] Permanent Substitute 
Jean Staib  [email protected]   Clerical - Guidance Resource Center
Cindy Stanfield  [email protected]  Paraprofessional
Dina Stefanak  [email protected]   Social Studies Teacher 
John Stone  [email protected]   Science Teacher 
Casey Sturm  [email protected]   English Teacher 
Clare Sullivan [email protected] Music Teacher
Sharon Swailes  [email protected]   Clerical - Data Processing 
John Tampori  [email protected]   Special Education Teacher 
Gregory Taylor  [email protected] Social Studies Teacher 
Patricia Taylor  [email protected]   Social Studies Teacher
Theresa Theofield  [email protected]  Clerical-Guidance 
Andrea Thomsen  [email protected]  English Teacher 
Aimee Thomson  [email protected]   Mathematics Teacher 
Maria Tsangarides [email protected]  Paraprofessional 
Jenny Turzer  [email protected]   Special Education Teacher 
Kalliope Viegas [email protected]  Permanent Substitute Teacher
Christina Vossen-White [email protected] Teaching Assistant
Scott Wallace  [email protected]   Science Teacher 
Susanne Walsh  [email protected]   Clerical - PE Health & Athletics 
Jill Weiler  [email protected]   Library/Media Specialist
Kimberly Wenzler  [email protected]  Clerical-Student Management Office
Victoria Williams  [email protected]   Clerical - Principal's Office 
Kerri Wrede  [email protected]  Clerical - Duplicating Office