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AIS  Math – Grades 3, 4 and 5

WHAT? - What does AIS stand for?

Academic Intervention Service.

HOW? - How is a student selected to receive AIS Math services?

   Students are identified based upon their performance with the NYS Common Core Standards throughout daily instruction.  If a student is not meeting, or is at risk for not meeting the standards in math, then they may be eligible to receive AIS Math services.  Classroom teachers may identify and present a student of concern who is challenged by grade level skills and concepts and fails to make progress in spite of on-going additional support in the classroom.


WHEN? - When is the service provided?

Students are pulled from the general education classroom for two 40 minute periods per week to meet with the AIS Math teacher in a small group session.

WHAT? - What type of instruction is provided during the AIS Math sessions?

The primary goal of AIS instruction is to provide students with the fundamental prerequisite skills that are required to understand and apply grade level skills and concepts.  The AIS Math teacher will make every effort to align instruction with the classroom teachers’ instruction when possible; however the prerequisite skills and concepts must be addressed before grade level skills and concepts can be taught.  

The extent to which prerequisite skills are lacking will impact the extent to which the AIS teacher can address on-grade level instruction.   When students are lacking the prerequisite skills needed to apply skills and concepts being taught in the classroom, the prerequisite skills will be the focus for AIS instruction, and the instructional activities in the AIS class may differ significantly from the instruction in the general education classroom.

When the student’s prerequisite deficiencies are minimal, greater time can be dedicated to addressing grade level skills and concepts.  However the instruction will vary from the instruction in the general education classroom as concepts and skills will be addressed in greater depth using a greater number of modalities such as manipulatives, drawings, diagrams, and games.

Prerequisite deficiencies will vary throughout the year as we address different skills and concepts in the curriculum, and as such alignment with classroom instruction will shift throughout the course of the school year.


 WHAT? - In a nutshell, what can I do to support my child?

  • Familiarize yourself with the GO Math! Curriculum using the on-line support materials.


  • Visit the parent resources at learn more about the Common Core Curriculum and what you can do to support your child.


  • If NOTHING ELSE Practice the facts with your student until they are able to recall with fluency.
  • Learn how to use flash cards effectively at:

  • Check out this website for fun games you can play with your child to build fluency.     Math Games
  • Accentuate the positive.  It may be quite some time before your child’s progress in AIS Math is reflected on grade level tests and quizzes.  Make it a point to focus on that which your child can do when completing homework assignments and making test corrections.