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“Civic readiness is the ability to make a positive difference in the public life of our communities through the combination of civic knowledge, skills and actions, mindsets, and experiences.”


Click here to apply for the Seal of Civic Readiness


What is the Seal of Civic Readiness?

The Seal of Civic Readiness is a formal recognition that a student has attained a high level of proficiency in civic knowledge, civic skills, civic mindset, and civic experiences.


Why Should I Consider Pursuing The Seal?

The Seal of Civic Readiness:

  • Shows your understanding of a commitment to participatory government; civic responsibility, and civic values;
  • Demonstrates to universities, colleges, and future employers that you have completed an action project in civics or social justice; and
  • Recognizes the value of civic engagement and scholarship.
  • Additionally, it can provide an alternate pathway to high school graduation.

What Do I Need To Do?

Complete all requirements for a New York State local or Regents diploma and a total of six points including:
  • at least two points in Civic Knowledge and
  •  at least two points in Civic Participation.
Click here for more information regarding points earned on each pathway.

How Will I Track My Progress?

Students will meet with their counselors to track their progress within Infinite Campus. Students will have a Seal of Civic Readiness Google folder where they will house all their documents from grades 8-12. You can plan/track along using this point tracker.


Do Previous School Years Count Towards The Seal?

Core social studies courses* and Regents exams taken before this school year will count towards achieving the Civic Knowledge criteria.
*Core Social Studies Courses Include: Global 9/9H, Global 10/10H, AP World History,  US World History and Government 11, AP United States History, Participation in Government, Economics, AP Government and Politics, AP Microeconomics.
Extra-curricular programs, work-based learning activities directly tied to HF courses (ie: Business), and service learning projects from previous years will also count, provided students complete the Application of Knowledge Reflection. Elective courses (see approved courses on chart) from previous years will also count, provided you complete the Application of Knowledge Reflection.
If a student was exempt from a Regents, their final course grade takes the place of the exam.


How Do I Apply?

Senior year, students must complete the “Seal of Civic Readiness Student Application” form to apply. Click here to apply.

Where Do I Go With Questions? 

Students may speak with their social studies teacher or guidance counselor.


Service Learning Projects (2b)

Will not be linked to any course or elective. Students may complete these on their own.


Extracurricular Programs (2e)

Any club can qualify, as long as students meet the requirements and complete the Application of Knowledge Reflection. This is not limited to social studies-related activities.