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Harborfields HS Students Participate In ‘Adelphi Apprentice Challenge’

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In November, business students at Harborfields High School represented their school district in Adelphi University’s annual “Apprentice Challenge.” 

Though this year’s event was held virtually, the challenging environment and team dynamics remained the same. Students were tasked with designing a marketing campaign for Jovia Financial Union, formerly NEFCU.  

Using their knowledge of the business industry, students worked in teams to design a marketing campaign, including a new logo, new branding, digital marketing and public relations, to attract a younger audience.

Students collaborated both in-person and remotely using Google Meet and presented their campaign via Adelphi’s Zoom platform on Nov. 13. 

“Harborfields’ coordination effort and presentation were flawless,” Harborfields High School business teacher Alison Matthews said. She added that the team reached the final round and was selected to deliver their presentation again to Jovia representatives.

Congratulations to the following Harborfields High school students for qualifying as second place finalists: Brianna Chavez; Nicole Feibel; Nabeeha Ilyas; Sharon Lin; John Martin; Gabriela Mazza; Julia Panzavecchia; Madeline Poulis; Ava Spencer; and Alexa Tobias!