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Harborfields HS ‘Musicians Help Musicians’ At TJL

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During the month of February, Harborfields High School students in the Musicians Helping Musicians program made some connections with their younger counterparts by virtually dropping in to fourth and fifth grade band lessons at Thomas J. Lahey Elementary School. 

These seasoned musicians spoke eloquently about why they were so happy that they joined the band program as TJL students. They shared information about the opportunities and experiences they’ve had in music in the intervening years, hoping to inspire the younger generation to get involved in the arts.

After listening to the Harborfields High School musicians perform, the younger students were eager to ask questions and play along as their counterparts led them through some warm-ups and band music.  

Ms. Allison Scilla, who coordinates the program at the high school level, and Ms. Courtney Kassinger, who helped to facilitate the visits for her students, both spoke to the importance of these encounters.   

"This was such a great experience for the 4th and 5th graders," Ms. Kassinger wrote. "They were so interested to hear about all of the many and varied musical opportunities that they will have in high school." 

Ms. Scilla was equally enthusiastic about the program. "While we miss the ability to visit our younger student musicians at TJL like we have in the past, we are grateful for the technology that allows them to still connect. The Tri-M members are so enthusiastic about sharing their passion for music with the next generation!"