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Best Science Olympiad Showing Ever for Harborfields

Best Science Olympiad Showing Ever for Harborfields   thumbnail243143

Harborfields High School’s science research program sent two teams of 15 students each to compete against in 24 different events in this year’s Science Olympiad. Harborfields’ teams placed 10th and 13th overall, the best placement the school has ever achieved, in a field of 53 other Long Island teams in the largest regional Science Olympiad in the country. The Harborfields medalists were:

    1st place in Write It Do It: Maeve Baron and Natalie Greco
    2nd place in Remote Sensing: Max Stratton and Caleb Kapen
    3rd place in Flight: McKenzie Coleman and Simon Qin
    4th place in Detector Building: Hartley Semmes and Katherine Spahn
    5th place in Fermi Questions: Joe Costa and McKenzie Coleman
    7th place in Astronomy: Max Stratton and Max Vaughan
    7th place in Dynamic Planet: Maeve Baron and Allison Blosser
    8th place in Rocks and Minerals: Viraj Vaish and Max Braverman
    8th place in Fermi Questions: Caleb Kapen and Michael Considine
    10th place in Scrambler: Delilah Shapiro and Katherine Spahn
    10th place in Dynamic Planet: Suvan Shrestha and Max Vaughan

Date Added: 3/7/2023