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Art Department

The Harborfields Central School District Art Department offers a comprehensive art education program to all students K-12. Students in the district's art program may choose from a rich offering of foundation and elective courses in General Classroom Art, Studio in Art, Photography, Computer Graphics, Drawing and Painting, Sculpture and Ceramics, Portfolio Development, and Advanced Placement Art.

Students in the art program have access to computers in the art classroom in addition to dedicated large computer art laboratories maintained at the middle school and high school. A photography club and general art club exist at Harborfields High School.

Harborfields High School supports an active chapter of the National Art Honor Society and talented art students districtwide regularly participate in local and regional art competitions and exhibitions. A number of talented art students graduate from Harborfields High School each year and pursue careers in art and art education at the college and university levels. Several art scholarships are presented to outstanding senior artists planning a career in the visual arts each year.


Director of Music & Art
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