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Students Embrace Creativity

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Oldfield Middle School students gathered in the school library on Dec. 7 for the opening of the library’s new Makerspace and second annual STEAM Expo. Families and administrators were invited to attend the special event where students showed off their problem solving skills and creative abilities.

Thanks to the hard work of Assistant Principal Joseph Castoro, librarian Judy Boshnack and the rest of the school’s library staff, the Makerspace was recently incorporated into the school’s library as a new addition for the student body to enjoy. During the event, students were able to get a first look at the space and experiment with the new chalkboard wall, Lego wall and other tinkering items.    

“It is a space that recognizes that kids are creative by nature,” said Castoro. “This location gives them the opportunity to showcase it,”

While students tried out the Makerspace, the STEAM club displayed their work. Under the direction of STEAM club advisor Drew Lockwood, the students presented projects about creating and living on a self-sufficient island.

“Mr. Lockwood has been at the forefront of the STEAM education from the very beginning,” said Principal Joanne Giordano. “His excitement, enthusiasm and knowledge has been a gift to all of us.”

Students displayed their own solar lighthouses and wind electricity generators assembled by Legos. They also demonstrated their knowledge of coding and robotics with team built robots, operated by a smartphone.

In addition, the school’s art club joined in the big event by creating wooden puzzles and a large winter mural with markers and pencils. Those in attendance also participated in a “Da Vinci Bridge” challenge, which focused on problem solving and had the opportunity to play with a keyboard made of bananas to show what technology can do.