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TJL Student Scores Perfectly on National Word Challenge

TJL Student Scores Perfectly on National Word Challenge photo thumbnail86173
Jackson Dunham, a 4th grader from Thomas J. Lahey Elementary School, recently received a perfect score during the first of three meets in this year’s WordMasters Challenge. This challenge is a national vocabulary competition that nearly 150,000 students participate in annually. Jackson was one of 86 students to earn a perfect score nationwide.

The WordMasters Challenge helps students exercise critical thinking, and encourages them to become familiar with sets of interesting new words. It then challenges students to use those words to complete analogies.

Students in the ELA Enrichment Academic Program at Thomas J. Lahey participate in the WordMasters Challenge every year. Students, coached by teacher Christine Mayr, were given 25 vocabulary terms to define, study and make connections among. In class, students used online resources to define the given words, determine synonyms and antonyms, and examined the words and their relationship to each other. For the second meet, students will have a new set of 25 words in addition to the words from the previous meet. The last meet will be a culmination of the past two, plus an additional 25 new words.

“Jackson invested a lot of time and effort to achieve this extraordinary score,” said Mayr, “and he should be very proud.”