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Standing up for others

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Lina Tornese, an eighth grader at Oldfield Middle, was recently named a recipient of the Annual Friedlander Upstander Award. She was one of three Suffolk County recipients.

This award, sponsored by the Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center and the Claire Friedlander Family Foundation, and in partnership with both the Suffolk and Nassau County Police Departments, awards students who have shown themselves to “Upstanders” against any type of intolerance. Each student selected is given a $2,500 educational scholarship.

Educators nominate their students and are required to attest to the student’s character and how they stand up for others.

Lina’s guidance counselor, Mary Fagan, called into account the many kind things Lina has done for her classmates, and how she tries to be a voice for those who don’t know how to stand up for themselves.

“Lina always goes that extra mile to make a difference,” said Mrs. Fagan, “and she always encourages her classmates to do the same.”