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Going Green at Washington Drive

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In a belated celebration of Earth Day, Washington Drive Primary School celebrated “Green Week” from April 29 to May 3. Throughout the week, students spent time reflecting on ways to “go green” for the planet and actively helping the environment by bringing in waste-free lunches and snacks.

Each morning ways to preserve the environment were read over the morning announcements, and throughout the day, in-class lessons included “going green” activities. Students were reminded each day that together, they can make a difference by doing things such as recycling, picking up litter, taking shorter showers. Students also made paper dolls and connected them, hand by hand, throughout the school, to show their collaborative efforts for the environment. At the end of the week, the school came together to celebrate the week’s success with an Earth Day sing along.

“The Earth is the only planet we’ve got,” said Alex, a first grader in Ms. Melissa Owen’s class. “There’s nowhere else for us to go if it gets too dirty or polluted…so we have to take good care of it!”